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Organizational structure

Grouping individual specialists to take on important roles on various fields — this is what makes ISEL special.


PUNCHING GROUP : Paper, Plastics and Films / Punching Tchnology : Versatile cutting and punching for semiconductor films, LCD panels, cards, labels and other materials smoothly, accurately and safely.


PRECISION DIE MOLD GROUP : Designing and Manufacturing / Technology of Special Die Sets : Manufacturing sub-µm-ordered precision die sets for TABs, label cards and films, etc.


BENDING GROUP : Metal Plate Bending / Welding Tchnology : High-speed, high-accuracy plastic processing technology and advanced welding technology.


TRANSMISSION EQUIPMENT GROUP : Frictional Connection / Coupling Tchnology : Easy installation and high-efficiency coupling system.


PRECISION GROUP : Micro Processing for Guide Posts : High-precision liner guide for nanometer ordering for semiconductor processing devices and spaceship parts.


MECHATRONICS GROUP : Servo-Press Unit / Precision Roller Gude : Developing servo-presses to meet customer needs.


MACHINE SHUTTER GROUP : Aluminum Frame / Shutter System : Machinery covers contributing to compact designs and safety improvement.


OVERSEAS BUSINESS GROUP : Developing Overseas / Production and Sales : Developing the overseas production and sales.


RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT GROUP : Development of New Products / Intelectual Properties
Management : Developing better products with new ideas.