Instruction Manual - MT·MKT

About installation

Follow the instructions and notes below to accurately install Mecha-lock.

Use the torque wrench to tighten screws.

Cleaning Mecha-lock installation surfaces.

Wipe and clean off dust, rust and oil on the shaft surface. (MT)
Spread the oil (operation oil 68) onto shaft surface and bore of the hub.

Do not use oil containing molybdenum and silicone due to friction's grip getting reduced.

Applying oil to achieve transmission specification stated in the catalog.

Transmission torque can maintain stability by using recommended oil.
Apply oil at the locations below.

Recommended oil spreading locations.
·Taper part of inner ring and outer ring.
·Head and thread of locking screw.

Caution (1): Be careful not to apply any oil to Mecha-lock's inner surfaces as shaft slippage can happen with a loss in torque.
Caution (2): Oil is not applied to MKT series products during shipping.
Apply oil following the above procedure.

Notes for clean conditions applications.

·For vacuum state installation.

  1. Dry condition usage where oil application is not possible.
    Torque capacity will not be the same as described in the catalog if oil is not applied.
  2. Applying vacuum grease.
    Vacuum grease formulations often contain fluorine-based extreme pressure additives and these may cause shaft slippage. Excessive tightening can also exceed the shaft/hub's yield point. Evaluation tests are recommended.
Special screws (plating type) are required for vacuum or clean room circumstances. Ask us regarding the application.

Note for the hub installation.

After installing Mecha-lock onto shaft, insert to the hub which has been processed to selected dimensions for positioning. If outer ring is hard to install, then support it with hand.
Note for the hub installation.


Tighten the Mecha-lock screws slowly and evenly in a diagonal direction (Fig.8). All screws do no need to be used, but use 3 or 4 screws to evenly tighten the unit using a hexagonal wrench until the Mecha-lock is gently set. Next, increase to half the tightening torque, and finally, tighten all screws in a circular direction. Conform that all screws do not rotate after tightening.



Check for safety first before starting an uninstall operation.
Turn off the power and check thrust load or torque are not on Mecha-lock and also check to see nothing can drop.

Loosen the screws in order gently.

Install those loosened screws into uninstallation holes and tighten them evenly for disassembly. (Fig.9)