SERVO-PRESS UNIT RGS20010 Various customizing parts. Module part model.


Size figure

Standard specification

Maximum pressure 20kN *1
Sensor stroke 100mm
Machine stroke 150mm
Motor static feeding speed 250mm/sec.
Motor input capacity 5kW·3000r/min.
Post material SUJ-2 or SKS-3
Guide housing material FC
Electroless Nickel
Case, Cover color Electroless Nickel,
SUS Hairline

Designing condition

Continuous pressure 10kN
Pressurizing stroke 5mm
Pressurizing feeding speed 10mm/sec.
Cycle stroke 100mm
Fast forward speed 200mm/sec.
Post end fixture weight 10kgf
Set up cycle 12spm
  1. *High frequency and stopping with pressure for long hours should be avoided due to motor static torque might be over the limit at the maximum pressure. Also please select the suitable torque limit capacity of motor.
  • Machine stroke means the stroke restricted by mechanically, not effective stroke. Application is used under machine stroke.
  • Motor static feeding speed means maximum speed at 3000r/pm, not maximum feeding speed.
  • Three sensors are bottom dead centre, origin and top dead center. Without sensor is possible. However safety devices are required.
  • Design condition means condition which used during development, not maximum number. Please contact us if you required high accuracy, heavy load, and long hours pressing than above design condition.
  • The motor is not included with this item. Please confirm the installation hole size which are different in each manufactures.
  • The load could be over by load weight, when stop hours is long. We suggest turning off or control by break.
  • The small error might be occurred depending on control devise or motor. Also please set the correct gain number.