Plasticity processing technology for environment company

Plasticity forming technology is less CO2 processing also reducing the processing time and cost. We suggest to use the plasticity processing.

Plasticity processing technology for environment company


Automotive parts: Caster case, muffler, engine mount

Home electrics: Mail shell for compressor of air conditioner, inner dram of washing machine, tank of eco quite, motor case

Construction machine parts: Bucket for construction machine, muffler parts etc.

Air craft parts.

Standard machine series

Plasticity forming technology, which shapes the work piece by pressing the metal, is the cost saving and ecological processing method, with shorter time process and smaller material loss compared to metal work such as grinding and forging. This method, however, requires high level technique and expert's experiences for high accuracy.
With our plasticity forming technology cultivated for long time, feedback of vast data accumulation, combination of state-of-the-art process and original idea, Isel Bending Roll Machine System realizes easy and accurate process of plasticity forming technology that used to require the expertise.
Isel Bending Roll Machine System offers more stable quality and process time, by machine operation, leading to the contribution to labor-saving manufacturing. Let us inform of your extensive requests, such as "I would like plasticity forming automation instead of manual operation." or "I want to pursue higher accuracy of products."
Isel Bending Machine is ready to support your production in the place of experts.

BS-B Pinching type 4 rolls : Ideal 4 rolls bending machine Edge bending is possible with 4 rolls machine which 3 rolls machine is impossible.
BS-BH  Thick plate 4 rolls : Edge bending accuracy is improved with high power.
BS-S Initial pinching type 3 rolls : From edge bending to roll forming is possible.
BU-S Quick bender : 3 rolls bending machine process in second by easy operation.
BU-U Urethane bending roll : Specialized machine for mass production of thin plate bending.
BVR Variable roll machine:Edge bending is unnecessary epochal machine.
BU-SK Compact High ability 3 rolls:New function for easy operation.
Safety device / Option : ISEL's bending roll machines are concerned the safety to preventing the accident or second hazard.

Customized machine series

Metal products are completed through several processes. Plasticity forming process that transforms the steel plate by pressing, for example, almost needs some secondary processes such as "Shrinking" that accurately reshapes processed work pieces and "Welding" that unites the two roll ends of the plate. Bending machine performs bending to require the expertise in mass production, but in some cases high productive bending machine cannot be fully utilized because of manual welding at the post process, costing labor, time and expertise. Even experts' technique is quite difficult to speed up welding process, and superhuman performance is required for manufacturing efficiency improvement.
Isel has contrived a solution for it: Collaboration of Bending and Welding! Only if you supply the steel plate as work piece to the machine system, the system with super human performance completes multiple, complicated processes such as Bending - Welding - Secondary Processes all together. Isel succeeds in realizing short tube automated manufacturing that has never been done before. Isel offers "Perfect" system of a small number of equipments, energetically working mass production of muffler case converter and compressor main shell and so on.

"Skillful" Isel designs and manufactures a special-purpose machine for wide variety of metal process.
Isel original skill enables various roll bending and plasticity forming processes. In order to contribute to the cost and labor saving, we designs and manufactures your special-purpose metal process machine with a variety of equipment lineup. We can offer the optimal machine based on your cost, manufacturing quantity and accuracy, only if you define the material, dimension, quantity of the work piece and the products, pre-process and required bending accuracy.

"Skillful" Isel is pleased to support your perfect manufacturing.

GRW Welding machine with guiding roller : Combined process machine with forming and welding.
UO welder : Revolution for bending processing with new idea and technology.
Welding device : Welding process after roll forming process.
Full automation welding line : Full automation line from work feeding second processing.
Customized / Second processing machine : Design and Manufacturing the customized machine for various metal processing.