UO welder

Revolution for bending processing with new idea and technology

UO welder

Work examples

Work examples

Feeding a sized metal sheet automatically into the machine from stocker to bending section. First U shaped bending and second, O shaped bending for cylindrical forming. And formed work is weld automatically, reform for improving accuracy and automatically discharging. Those processes are all in UO welding machine. This UO welding machine can process and effective for small diameter work for automobile parts and electric parts.

Improving processing time, cost, and accuracy by revolutionary processing

  1. Small diameter is possible and welding, reforming and discharge automatically.
  2. Set the metal sheet at stocker, then automatically feed to bending forming.
  3. Higher roundness accuracy is possible with shrink process


Correction part    /    Welding view    /    Welding part    /    Forming die part

Correction part / Welding view / Welding part / Forming die part

Plate material / U shape forming / O shape forming / Welding

Production procedure

Standard specifications

Thickness SUS 0.6t-1.2t
Plate width 100-1000
Processing diameter φ45-φ70
Welding speed Variable formula MAX 1m
Welding souce(separate) TIG•Plasma


Processing data

<Work size>
Effective length:
Bending diameter:
Outer diameter φ45mm - φ70mm
20 sec/ each average

Mail applications

  • Muffler
  • Home electrics
  • Automotive parts etc.
  • For mass-production


  • Please prepare the following information for inquiry.
    Material, production size(minimum maximum), production amount(per day), work sheet size (thickness, width, length,), previous process, accuracy of roundness.