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Fulfilling our customers' expectations and trust with ideas — At ISEL, the innovative company, it's all about that.

idea + sell = isel

Ideas that sell — "ISEL" is a company name that says it all. Every way we do business is reflected in the name that condenses our concept. Product sales are just a part of what we do because we create exactly what customers are looking for using our imagination, expertise and effort. This is how we can offer original products that are true solutions exactly tailored for them. "Ideas to innovate" — Together with our customers, we partner them to face the future by offering them revolutionary ideas.



Manufacturing high-quality products within a short time period is what we always aim for.
This is why we can meet customer needs.



How do we produce high-quality machinery after designs are ready?
Because we are able to rely on our own outstanding technologies backed by know-how accumulated over many years and our highly motivated employees who constantly explore new technologies.



Design is one of the most critical factors in manufacturing high-precision machines. Our 3D CAD design system was in place well ahead of any competitor and by utilizing 3D dimensional data, we can effectively design machines having complex shapes and/or movable parts.


ISEL created an integrated system from design to manufacture incorporating original ideas on effectively transforming designs into products.
Should design difficulties be encountered, ISEL relies on its own ideas to solve them whether mechanisms or components.
Our development power results from combining original ideas and high technology.


These are the results from combining imagination, knowledge and effort, and through these new ideas, we are able to fully satisfy any customer need. ---- Factory Revolution

Our factories are where the revolution starts. Production sites need to keep evolving through continual innovating and new developments. Following our concept of "revolution begins at production sites, "ISEL will maintain its development efforts to offer the best products.


ISEL—trusted by the local community and contributing to enriching the world.

What is a business for? ISEL is able to say to "contribute to society." Contributing to the local community through the work we do, and communicating with the world to help realize a more comfortable society in the future.


From Japan to the world— ISEL commits to enriching any location.

Overseas deployment

In 2010 ISEL made its first move into countries overseas. The first step was to start to open up new markets in Asia. As we increase our company power with original ideas we will expand sales areas as well as help ISEL grow into a world-class company. We will combine all our company’s strengths to challenge jobs that require more creativity and expertise.


Local contribution

Local contribution

Prospering along with the local community

The well-known "Kawachi Music Robots" are made by us in an effort to familiarize the local community with our technology and to show our desire to contribute as a company with roots in the community.

Concerning the environment

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. ISEL takes a quality as well an environment-friendly approach in each business decision and initiative.


Our Rinku Factory and Hiroshima Factory have also been a National Technical Skills Test designated Factory, providing customers with products of reliable technologies. In addition, our Rinku Factory has acquired both ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certifications, while our Hiroshima Factory has acquired ISO 14001 certification.

Patents / Awards

ISEL’s confidence comes from the numerous patents and utility patents that we hold —fruits of our outstanding ideas.

Sales for us represent the final result of our ideas. Our main products are protected by patents, utility patents and intellectual property rights including designs.

Patents / Awards

Patents / Awards

ISEL has been awarded various prizes, including the "Good Company Award Corporate Excellence Prize"

In 2007, we received the "Good Company Award Corporate Excellence Prize." In addition, our products have also received numerous awards, such as the "Outstanding Performance Award" for Excellent New Technologies and Products Prize for small and medium-sized enterprises and the "Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry Chairman’s Prize" of the New JSPMI Prizes.


Trade Shows – good chances to communicate with customers.

We take trade shows very seriously as they are an opportune venue for gaining customer trust with our products as we attempt to produce improved products by better understanding customer needs.