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ISEL's Environmental Activities

ISEL Transmission Equipment Group actively promotes reducing environmental impact through rigorous management of chemical substances used in ISEL products. In this manner ISEL ensures the manufacturing and marketing of safer and more environmentally friendly Mecha-lock and Coupling products. ISEL continues to promote green procurement policies in its efforts to help preserve the global environment, supplying products with minimal environmental impact. ISEL encourages companies in its supply chain to build up a management system for the chemical substances used in the products they supply. In this way, ISEL can increase the reliability of substance data it provides and confirm that all ISEL products are in strict compliance with laws and regulations that ban the use of environmentally harmful substances.

What is Green Procurement?

Green Procurement refers to the purchasing activities of a company that prioritizes minimal environment impact items when selecting various components and materials to use in its own product manufacturing. Green Procurement also includes preferential procurement from companies that are ISO 14001-certified regarding environmental management.

ISEL Initiatives for Minimum Environmental Impact
  1. Purchasing from preferred supply sources that are active in environmental protection.
  2. Preferring to purchase those materials, components and products with minimum environmental impact as stated in the "Green Procurement Law" of Japan.
    • Electroless nickel plating --- Changed to lead-free electroless nickel plating.
    • Surface treatment of screws with hexavalent chromium compounds. --- Changed to chromium-free surface treatment of screws.
  3. The Hiroshima Factory has obtained ISO 14001 certification.

ISEL - committed to offering environmentally friendly

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