Small Diameter Series

Small Diameter Series FOR GROOVE GRINDING


"The best finishing process for the O ring groove"

Small Diameter Series added on Lapping tool. This grinds the closed small space which small diameter cup Grindstone does not fit in. Mirror finishing is easily processed on 0 ring groove or
different Contact surface of the parts, which cutter can be difficult to process.

Precision finishing for bottom of the groove with constant pressure maintained mechanism.

Processing data

<<Grinding the blade edge of punch>>

Materials Work size Grindstone r.p.m
Carbide(WC-Co) 80×50 φ4 Stick mounted·SD#1200 3000rpm
Feed Processing time Surface roughness
1200mm/min 15min Ra0.007µm/Rmax0.07µm
Processing data

Collet type straight shank for small diameter

"For the minimum space grinding finish"     - High accuracy and productivity grinding process -

The collet type is adopted for chucking. This is φ20 straight shank and can be attached to standard collet holder with any shanks. The sand burn from over load can be avoided by constant pressure marinating mechanism in side like standard Lapping tool. This small diameter tool is not required high speed spinning. The mirror finishing can be processed with 3000 r.p.m.

Collet type straight shank for small diameter
Collet type straight shank for small diameter


Model type φC φD φD1 L L1 L2
MT20-LT 20 16 28 106 26 45

*Option Nut, φ3 Collet, wrench are included.

Stick mounted Grindstone(φ3・φ4・φ6)

Stick mounted Grindstone supports small diameter tool.

Stick mounted Grindstoneφ3·4·6 are standard. O ring groove's bottom grinding can be processed in high accuracy with clearance at the bottom of Grindstone.

Stick mounted Grindstone - Order example

A typeStick mounted Grindstone - A type

B typeStick mounted Grindstone - B type


Type Outer Diameter(D) Height(T) Shaft diameters(d) Full length(L)
A 3 3 3 23
B 4,6 3 3 23
Grit size
(#80)/ (#100) / (#120) / #140 / #400 / #1200

*The bond is resinoid bond. 3 in one set.
*Note: Inside of ( ) grit sizes are not standard.