GBTT Series

Polygonal surface type GBTT

MILLION GUIDE Polygonal surface type GBTT(SHAFT GUIDE) Million grease

Order type

Product name (Type)

Flange type

Center flange type

Shaft type S

※ L size is 5mm pitch

※The size out of the list can be manufactured. Please contact us for more information.

Shaft type T

※L size is 5mm pitch

Shaft type H

※We also provide 1mm pitch unit for L size and 5 mm pitch unit for shaft diameter from φ35-120 for all kinds. Please contact us.

Shaft type H 
(Hollow shaft)


We can manufacture even one set of the original guide which matches the customer's needs. Hollow shaft directly connects to the ball screw in line for the space saving and is beneficial in the linear motion with small deflection and yawing.

※ Manufacturing limit is changed by the shaft length and the bore diameter. Please contact us with Technical inquiry sheet on first.