GNS Series

For die-set (Guide for the stripper and for the three plates)

Million grease · Million oil · Special order applications

Standard set size figure

Standard set size figure - GNS Seriess

Standard set size figure - GNSB Series

Standard set dimension table

Standard set dimension table

※1 LA, LB size are 10mm pitch

Optional item size figure

Optional item size table

※2 RL size is 5mm pitch

※Million guide employs retainer and the retainer may shift in some conditions. Use Million guide within the effective stroke so that it is effective to mitigate the position shift by using with the range where the retainer does not protrude from the bush. Please contact us on another way "spring insert" to restrain the retainer shift.

※GNS9, 16 are square shape, and others are hexagonal shape.

※GNS series include a post (GNS), 2 bushes & 2 retainers as the standard set.

※GNSB series include a post (GNSB), a bush & a retainer as the standard set.

※Please purchase and combine an off- the-shelf bush and retainer (ball type) for LB (ball side) of GNSB series. Please inform us of the tolerance if you would like the φSD2 tolerance change.

※Please contact us when you are purchasing a set of LB (ball side) bush and retainer of GNSB series.

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Material Table

Material Table