Million grease

ISEL"Million grease" MGS & MGH are special grease for Million guide series.


  • Urea-based extreme-pressure grease, thermo stabled refined mineral oil as the base oil, combined with urea-based consistency enhancer, molybdenum, extreme-pressure additive, polymer, antioxidant and antirust.
  • Good at oxidation stability, water resistance, adhesiveness, thermal resistance and machine stability. Excellent in extreme-pressure property by specially mixed with molybdenum.
  • Suitable and effective for vertical sliding surface as it is highly retentive by the adhesiveness and the water resistance of mixed special polymer.

MGS: Soft type, for Million series
MGH: Hard type.

Choose MGS for normal operation. Choose MGH in case further adhesive strength is required, MGH rolling resistance is bigger by its high adhesiveness.

Million grease MGS·MGH

 Ideal also for ball guide.

Representative physical properties

Type MGS-80 MGS-400 MGH-400 Test method
Capacity(NET) 80g 400g 400g  
Automatic lubrication /
Low friction
High adhesiveness /
High water resistance
Appearance Yellow, viscous Yellow, viscous  
Consistency(25°C) 320 275 JIS K2220 5.3
Dropping point 260°C 260°C JIS K2220 5.4
Copper plate corrosion
(B method/100°C/24h)
Passed Passed JIS K2220 5.5
Evaporation 0.4%(99°C·22h) 0.4%(99°C·22h) JIS K2220 5.6
Oil separation rate 0.0%(100°C·24h) 0.0%(100°C·24h) JIS K2220 5.7
Oxidation stability 0.029MPa(99°C·100h) 0.029MPa(99°C·100h) JIS K2220 5.8
Resistance to removal of grease during the water rinse 4.9%(79°C·1h) 2.0%(79°C·1h) JIS K2220 5.12
Timken load capacity test 22.5kg 22.5kg JIS K2220 5.16
High speed 4 balls test
Maximum seizure
prevention load
1569N 1569N ASTM D-2596
Fusion load 3922N 3922N
Load wear ratio 727N 727N
Water resistance test (80°C·1h) Passed Passed NGS 0307
  • Those numbers are representative physical properties, not standard values.
  • Grease is highly viscous and its adhesiveness and retentiveness are strong.
    Therefore the sliding resistance might be larger depending on its volume and application.