Technical data of GBTT/GBTM Series

Basic rating load

6 roller followers
Basic rating load

The rating load can be changed, owing to the positions of the load and the roller followers.

  • A direction: perpendicular to the flat part of the post (roller follower)
  • B direction: perpendicular to the center of the post (between the roller followers)

Life time calculation

Life time calculation is followed by the radial load calculation to the million guide housing. However, a guideline is the shorter one of the calculations "1 basic rating life" or "2 oscillation life". In case the stroke is too short, the guideline is "2 oscillation life".

Relationship between the oscillation 
coefficient and half of oscillation 
angle (outline)

1.Basic rating life

Basic rating life means the total rotation number where 90% of a group can rotate under the same condition without any flaking by the rotation wearout.

Basic rating life

2.Oscillation life calculation

Oscillation life calculation

Standard specifications

Material Post Special purpose steel Quenching and grinding
Bush Carbon steel / Martensitic stainless steel Grinding
Roller follower : Roller Special purpose steel Quenching and grinding
Roller follower : Retainer Plastic
Circumstances Temperature 0 - 60°C
Installation direction Free
Cricumstances Indoor and general circumstances
Lubricant Roller follower lubricant Grease in roller follower
Post and roller lubricant Regular greasing from grease nipple
Contaminates prevention By the scraper
Anti-rust treatment Post No treatment
Bush No treatment