MSE Rotator

Faster mixing than ever!! The best choice for mixing in R&D!

Pint 1 Uniform mixing in a short time

The MSE rotator achieves uniform mixing in a short time with no generation of retention regions in a beaker.

Pint 2 Free customization

The support and the stacked mixing elements are detachable to change the number of mixing elements depending on the size of a beaker.

What is the MSE rotator?

Stirring bar - MSE rotatorA stirring bar, a typical tool to mix fluids in a small vessel such as a beaker, generates insufficient mixing regions of the fluid in the central portion and lengthens the mixing time. The MSE rotator solves this problem with its unique structure.


Bolt - MSE mixer - Support

Fluid flow

Mixing elements A (open at inner circumference) and mixing elements B (open at outer circumference) are stacked alternately. The mixing elements A and B are designed with overlapping holes allowing the fluid sucked into the hollow portion of the MSE rotator to flow radially in the stacked mixing elements and to discharge from the side openings.

Mixing elements - Mechanism of mixing

Decolorization test

The following compares the mixing times in the decolorization test using a stirring bar with a length of 60 mm and MSE rotator with an outer diameter of 54 mm and 37 mm (Rotation speed: 200 rpm/ beaker capacity: 3L).
Remarks!:Mixing time will be varied by such as rotation speed of rotators or stirrers, beaker capacity, physical properties of liquid.

Decolorization test


The movie was under the stirrer rotational speed of 200 rpm in 3 liters beaker.
A mixing time depends on a stirrer rotational speed, a beaker volume and etc.