"Free design and free applications with any choice of motors."

This is ISEL's servo press unit.

High precision straightness guide is equipped.

Stroke run out is under 10µm in X and Y direction.
( average 4 to 6µm )

Motor-less sales

Standardizing, unification, and generalization of system and community of other process machine by customer are possible.


Servo-press can be manufactured from single order with full customized for your needs.

Zero-clearance : Needle bearing roller type precision guide. : Accuracy, and high-speed frequency add to pressure "The trinity" : Shaft guide + Precision ball screw + High precision manufactured parts
Isel shaft guide
High rigidity by needle roller is developed by Million guide.
Precision manufacturing technology for hexagonal shape post.
Roller cage-less construction by equipped needle bearing roller in sleeve.
This is precision roller guide for new ideal device.

Shaft guide : Needle bearing

High accuracy servo-press : Stroke run out is under 10µm in X and Y direction.
Please refer to "Measuring of post steady" of this site.
Shaft guide Inside

Programming operation Continuous automatic operation : Feeding back controlwith Liner scale - High accuracypositioning operation - Control in sub-µm accuracy is possible. : Feeding back control with load cell - Pressure controlled operation


Free D·U·M Comcept

Free Design

This servo-press unit is compactly designed and high rigidity to suit customer’s design and installation as high accuracy functional parts.

Free Use

Servo-press unit can be installed in any precision liner system with customer’s idea, not only for a press, but also precision electric cylinder etc. Various customizing and full order-made manufacturing will help customer to improve their utility.

Free Motor choice

Servo-press unit is sold without motor due to concerning customer’s convenience. Therefore customer has choice of motor, which can be selected to suit with customer's control system for uniting with other machines in manufacturing line.
We support customer to construct the high complete device system.


Servo-press unit equipped ideal precision roller guide, grinded precision ball screw( 5µm space in shaft direction and accuracy grade C ) and angular bearing to received pressure load in precision manufactured case in µ scale. And polygonal shaped post functions as rotating stopper.
High accuracy servo-press unit is completed with high analysis and servomotor for high frequency use.