Instruction manual

How to operate a machine shutter

For safe : Please hold a grip by hand and gently open and close the machine shutter.The grip must be held by hand for operation and do not release it in halfway.
(Balance parts, Polyvinyl Chloride slat may damage by impact of drops)

Caution for damaged of standard roller or bearing roller

Please replace the damaged roller immediately. If you continue to use damaged roller, it may effect to the others.

Caution for tightening each roller

If rollers are not tightening enough, then screw stack in the aluminum frame. This effects on shutter operation.
Please refer to tightening torque for assembly. (use adhesive if you need )

Cleaning of aluminum frame rail

Please clean the aluminum frame rail occasionally to keep roller in good condition.

Cleaning of plastic plate

Plastic plate surface is easy to scratch, therefore use the soft cloth to wipe up with alcohol. If the oil spread on plastic plate then clean up with detergent and water after wipe up with alcohol.
<Caution> Do not use thinner, benzene, and solvent or strong alkaline type.


For safety use (common instruction )

Thank you for purchasing ISEL products. Please read the following instruction for right specification.

  • Read this instruction carefully for your understanding, and use the products right.
  • Keep this instruction manual where anyone can read again to operate.

We indicate important items as "danger" "caution" "warning" in this manual


There is possibility of dangerous circumstances serious, injury or death by use the item wrongly.

  • Pay attention to handle the plastic plate for damage. If you handle this roughly, this may damage and break so dress and protection must be suitable for it
  • Supporting frame must be considered depending on construction and specifications
  • For installation and uninstallation, the location must be tidy and clean to prevent second disaster.
  • Avoid any stress to shutter part
  • Be careful to leave the hand under the shutter
  • Plastic plate of shutter may be effected to looks and body by coolant, or chemicals.
  • We suggested following regular check every month (once a month)
    1. Operation is smooth
    2. Any noise from operation
    3. No deformation
    4. No damage on rollers

    Especially No4 of regular check, If the roller has damaged, then replace to new one soon. Otherwise it may effect and damage to other part of shutter.


There is possibility of dangerous circumstances and serious injury. Also this is expected to physical damage.

  • Check it the product is as ordered and not damaged. If the product is different from order or damaged, it may harm the operator or damage the machine. If you are not clear please contact us or shop.
  • Customizing parts may be different contents from instruction manual. If you have any questions please contact with us.