Utilizing intelligence and technologies
to create unparalleled excitement

We sell ideas. From our founding in 1968, we have continued to engage
in high added-value manufacturing utilizing our original ideas and the
technical strength that makes them a reality.
Starting from 2000, we were no longer simply a manufacturing
company, and grew to be a manufacturer with powerful sales strength.
Looking forward at 2021, we are determined to deliver excitement for a
brighter future.ISEL has used its ideas and technologies to create a
company that delivers a sense of excitement to everyone.

Takashi Mochizuki
Takashi Mochizuki
Company name
Takashi Mochizuki
June 1968.
April, 1975
Capital stock
¥ 98,800,000 (JPY)
Company creed
  1. 1.Combining our strengths to make ISEL world-class
  2. 2.Contributing to society through our quality products
  3. 3.Creating ideas to help the company and people to be content
  • Osaka Headquarters: ExteriorOsaka Headquarters: Exterior
  • Osaka Headquarters: EntranceOsaka Headquarters: Entrance
  • Osaka Headquarters: Break spaceOsaka Headquarters: Break space
  • Osaka Headquarters: Display SpaceOsaka Headquarters: Display Space
  • Osaka Headquarters: Conference roomOsaka Headquarters: Conference room
  • Osaka Headquarters: Conference roomOsaka Headquarters: Conference room