The following is a brief history of our company
from its founding to recent years.

  • Inside the factoryInside the factory
  • Moved to Minami Uematsu-ChoMoved to Minami Uematsu-Cho
  • Label trimmer (K-2 type)Label trimmer (K-2 type)
  • Newly-opened Yamaguchi FactoryNewly-opened Yamaguchi Factory
  • Trade showTrade show
  • Newly-opened Hiroshima FactoryNewly-opened Hiroshima Factory
  • Ceremony on the 500th bending roll machine achievementCeremony on the 500th bending roll
    machine achievement
  • Newly-opened Rinku FactoryNewly-opened Rinku Factory
June 1968
Founded Mochizuki Manufacturing
Works in Uematsu-Cho, Yao City,
Osaka Prefecture.
April 1970
Moved to Nagahata, Yao City
and Manpower-Saving
Machines Division established.
March 1973
Moved to Minami Uematsu-Cho, Yao City, Osaka Prefecture.
Started manufacture of Label Trimmers.
April 1974
Created and started manufacture
of the Bending Roll Machine Series.
April 1975
Reorganized for incorporation.
Changed company name to ISEL CO., LTD.
March 1982
Started sales of Card Punchers.
April 1984
Started sales of Mecha-Lock.
March 1985
Established Yamaguchi Factory in Kano-Cho,
Yamaguchi Prefecture to support business expansion.
April 1986
Started sales of Couplings.
April 1988
Increased capital to 40,000,000 yen.
April 1990
Established ISEL Tokyo CO., LTD.
in Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture.
March 1991
Established Hiroshima Factory in Tojyo-Cho,
Hiroshima Prefecture.
May 1991
2nd factory added to Yamaguchi Factory,
specializing in bending roll machine production.
October 1992
“Rolling Puncher” developed.
March 1993
“Ecology Calendar Machine” developed.
December 1994
High-speed “Card Puncher CPE-4A” released.
Precision Die Mold Group established.
July 1996
Precision Equipment Group established and “Million Guide” released.
October 1996
Increased capital to 66,000,000 yen.
November 1996
Head office/factory buildings completed.
December 1998
“Fine Press” developed. “TAB Tape Processor Series” launched.
January 2001
Machine Shutter Group launched and sales started.
February 2002
“Bending Roll Machine BU-SK” released.
April 2002
“Lapping Tool” released.
October 2002
“Shaft Guide” released.
November 2002
ISEL Tokyo Co., Ltd. merged into
ISEL Co., Ltd. to become East Japan Office.
September 2003
“Servo Press Unit” released.
May 2005
Nagoya branch office moved and became Nagoya Office.
April 2006
Takashi Mochizuki appointed President.
November 2006
Rinku Factory established.
January 2007
Received the Excellent Company Award (Kinki Region)
at the 40th Good Company Awards
April 2007
Companies Thriving with Intellectual
Property 2007 (Ministry of Economy,
Trade and Industry, Japan Patent Office)
June 2007
The 300 Most Active Monozukuri SMEs
(edited by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency,
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
August 2008
“i-shutter” released.
“Sheet Processing Machine”for solar panels released.
June 2010
Establised ISELTEK CO., LTD. near Daegu City in Korea.
August 2010
CO., LTD. at Chagshu City in China.
March 2011
Establised ISEL (THAILAND) CO., LTD. in Thailand.
June 2011
Establised TAIWAN ISEL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. in Taiwan.
October 2013
“Safety box dedicated for laser marker” released.
March 2015
“Million actuator” released.
April 2016
Coupling (AC series) awarded the
“Outstanding Performance Award” for Excellent New Technologies and
Products Prize for small and medium-sized enterprises.
October 2016
“Million actuator 20mm square” awarded
the “Machine Parts Prize” of the Super MONODZUKURI Award.
December 2016
“Coupling (AC series)” awarded the “Japan Society for the
Promotion of Machine Industry Chairman’s Prize”
of the New JSPMI Prizes.
January 2017
“Friction Stir Welding Tools and Welding System” designated
as “MONODZUKURI New Selection in KANSAI 2017.”
February 2017
Received a letter of commendation as a
“Regional Economic Promoter” from Yao City.
April 2018
Established ISEL OKINAWA Inc. in Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture.
November 2018
Opened the Dalian Branch of
February 2019
Opened the Guangzhou Branch of
December 2019
Opened the Osaka Headquarters
in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture.
February 2020
Established icompany Ltd.(Support for Continuous Employment Type A)
in Hirano-ku, Osaka Prefecture.
April 2020
Opened the Yokohama Office in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
April 2021
Implemented corporate identity rebranding.
December 2021
Established ISEL Group CO., Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture.
November 2022
Merged East Japan Office and Yokohama Office , and opened
the Tokyo Branch in Minato-ku, Tokyo Metropolis.
December 2022
TAC GIKEN INDUSTRIES, INC. became a member of the ISEL Group.
March 2023
Opened the Fukuoka Office
in Kitakyushu city, Fukuoka Prefecture.
April 2023
Moved the Nagoya Office to Meieki,
Nakamura -ku, Nagoya City,
Aichi Prefecture.