ISEL (our company) respects your privacy and is committed to protecting
your personal information with the policy described herein.

Collection of personal information

Our complies with the law and uses only the righteous manner to collect your personal information.

Use of personal information

Our company uses your personal information only for purposes presented when we collect your personal information necessary to process the operation.

  1. For sending item, sample, document which are purchased or requested
  2. For providing information and service of new products
  3. For supporting the products
  4. For sending mail magazine or advertiseme
  5. For correspondence of campaign or invitation

Use of personal information

  1. Our company uses your personal information only for purposes presented when we collect your personal information necessary to process the operation.
  2. If our company uses your personal information only for purposes presented when we collect your personal information necessary to process the operation, we shall contact with you before. If you do not agree us to use personal information, you may refuse this with your judgment.

Disclose of personal information to third party

Except following process, our company will not disclose your personal information to a third party without your prior consent.

  1. When customer agree to disclose
  2. When our company needs to disclose the personal information to one or more of its contractors, with whom our company has concluded a confidentiality agreement, in order to accomplish an objective expressly indicated to the customer.
  3. When the personal information is to be included in aggregate statistical data from which the customer cannot be identified.
  4. When stipulated by laws or regulations
  5. When protecting human life, or in an equivalent emergency, and obtaining the permission of the customer is difficult
  6. When it becomes necessary by legal ordinance to cooperate with a government agency, public authorities, or parties authorized by them, and there is concern that seeking the relevant individual’s consent may hinder the execution of the relevant duties.
  7. When a task is subcontracted in whole or in part to a business partner for the purpose of facilitating the smooth flow of business. In such cases, an agreement concerning the handling of personal information and personal information security will be formed with the subcontractor. to ensure appropriate handling of personal information.

Use of collecting data

In principle, use of Personal Information is restricted to the following purposes. In addition, Personal Information may be used as statistical data in a format such that the identity of the individual cannot be determined.

Management of personal information

Our company is setting up a personal information protection regime that takes into account the nature and scale of the business conducted by each of its divisions, and handles the collection, use, supply (including outsourcing), disclosure, correction, discontinuance of use and deletion of personal information appropriately in accordance with the designated rules.

Disclosure, Correction, Suspension and deletion of personal informaion

Our company responds to your request to disclose, correct, suspend or delete your personal information upon verifying your request.

Organization and system

  1. Our company appoints a chief privacy officer for the appropriate management of personal information.
  2. Our company educates our board members and employees on the protection and appropriate management of personal information for the strict control of personal information in the daily business activities.

Establishment, Implementation, Maintenance and Improvement of Personal Information Protection Compliance Program

In order to implement these policies, our company establishes a personal information protection compliance program (including the policies above, “Personal Information Protection Rules ” and other rules and regulations). And, we inform all the employees and other persons involved of this program, and maintain and improve them continuously.

Management of the argent

Our company policy to protect your personal information by supervising that obliges such agent to implement appropriate confidentiality and security measures when our company shares your personal information with an agent.


When our company changes this privacy policy, we introduce this change in our web sight. Our company reserves the right to update or modify this Policy, at any time and without prior notice. Please refer to the newest contents in this home page when you use this sight.

Change of privacy and policy

Please contact following number for personal information, TEL: 072-991-0450

Established April 1st 2005
President Takashi Mochizuki